About Olive Your Favourites

Opening in May of 2012, in the historical city of Stratford, Ontario, Olive Your Favourites is a second-generation olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting bar. Proudly supplying seasonal varieties of the freshest Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the highest quality aged Balsamic Vinegar to the local community, and the many tourists who visit Stratford each and every year.

OYF was a dream realized when the founder Michelle took a trip to visit her sister in Traverse City, Michigan. It was there Michelle and her husband Paul were introduced to the olive oil and balsamic vinegar experience. They had never been to a store quite like it and found the shopping experience very unique. With the ability to sample each oil and vinegar before making a purchase, they felt very informed and aware of what they were purchasing.

Michelle began introducing the oils and vinegars to her friends and family, and they too fell in love with beautiful flavours. Michelle found herself bringing more and more back when visiting her sister, she had started to get everyone hooked! In the spring of 2011, while finishing off her favourite pairing, she noticed the supplier’s contact information proudly displayed on the back of the bottle. Michelle decided to give them a call to enquire about direct shipping, but on that day the CEO happened to answer the call, and a different conversation began. After an hour conversation and 6 pages of notes, Michelle’s dream of sharing what she discovered with so many more people was born. Her first mission was to find that perfect location for a store, finding that spot in Stratford, Ontario. Known for its many theatres, a world-renowned culinary school, and many fine restaurants. After 10 successful years doing what she loved, she began contemplating what was going to happen to the store when she retired. That’s when the second part of her dream was realized…

In December of 2021 the second generation joined the team, and the next stages of Olive Your Favourites began. Michelle’s son Aaron began working side by side with her to begin the transition, while enjoying a lot of quality time together. Aaron has always had a love for the olive oils and vinegars at OYF, and when the opportunity arose to carry on the family business, he jumped at the chance to not only own his own business, but to honor what his mother had worked so hard to build. Updates have been happening in the store, as well as the new website launch in June of 2024 adding an online shopping experience. With a thirst for knowledge in an industry marred by adulterated olive oils, Aaron has visited the olive groves, mills, and labs where all of the behind-the-scenes action is happening. Embracing this opportunity, and operating with the highest level of integrity, Aaron is excited to build on what is already a strong foundation. We are located at 21 York St on one of the oldest streets in Stratford, where our staff will provide you with samples to taste during your visit, and we will bottle your purchase right in front of you. This ensures you only take home the freshest olive oils and vinegar this side of the “pond”!

Olive your Favourites proprietor and inside store.